August 11, 2014
Vol. 16 No. 16
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Market News
Labelexpo Unveils
Conference Line-Up
Labelexpo Americas 2014 will again
feature a two-day conference pro-
gram as it returns to the Rosemont
Convention Center in September.
The opening CEO panel discussion
with take a look at the business
strategies employed by some of
North America’s most successful con-
verters. Panelists including Nigel
Vinecombe from Multi-Color Corpo-
ration; Stephen T. Stewart of Brook &
Whittle; Outlook Group’s John M.
Cappy; Joel Carmany of Consolidated
Label Company; Spear Group’s Rick
Spear; and Scott Fisher from Smyth
Companies will share their advice on
how to drive down costs while offer-
ing value and creating new opportu-
nities for growth and profitability.
Looking Into The Future
The second panel will explore the
‘Internet of Things’ and assess how
the industry’s future will look. Con-
sidering the right tools to adopt to
grow a business, the panel will also
look at how to integrate process au-
tomation, innovation and creativity.
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Food Packaging Market
Expected To Surge
by Greg Kishbaugh
he packaging of food items, incorporating everything from
safety in transport to freshness to simply offering sheer
convenience, remains one of the driving forces in the convert-
ing industry.
And the demand for food packaging, driven by a number of
forces, looks to climb continually higher. World demand for
food containers will increase 4.5 percent per annum to $139
billion in 2017. After worldwide recession led to a stagnant
market in 2012, it’s a very positive indicator to see that global
demand is predicted to rise 4.4 percent annually through
2017, according to a new report from Freedonia entitled,
World Food Containers
Around the world, the middle class and two-income house-
holds continue to climb, which should lead to a dramatic rise
in food container consumption.
Flexible and rigid plastic packaging will continue to lead
growth in food packaging but paperboard containers are ex-
pected to make strong inroads into the market.“Paperboard’s
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(Cont’d on Page 13)
A growing middle class, with
two parents working outside the
home, means that the demand
for processed foods and instant
meals will surge.
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