February 24, 2014
Flexo Market News
market and geographic region, and provides compre-
hensive coverage of the global market and supply chain.
In addition to cutting costs and meeting increased
consumer demand, the report speculates that sustain-
ability programs also offer the opportunity for com-
panies, including conver ter s, to dif ferentiate
themselves. Certainly, by creating an environment
that encourages companies to think in greater detail
about their production process, sustainability initia-
tives have led the way for many new products and
market developments.
According to the study, the most common sustain-
able packaging trends are:
• Downsizing/lightweighting of packaging
• Increased recycling and waste recovery
• Increased use of recycled content
• Increased use of renewably sourced materials
• Improvements in packaging and logistical efficiency
Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the re-
port is the degree to which the sustainability move-
ment is gaining traction globally.
The biggest growth, reportedly, will come from the
Asian market, with countries such as China and India
driving demand.The report forecasts that Asia will be
the largest market for sustainable packaging in 2018,
accounting for 32 percent of the overall market.
The issue of sustainability, says the report, will contin-
ue to grow in importance, and by 2023 it will be the
number one challenge facing companies in the packag-
ing market, topping even cost and pricing concerns.
Ingersoll Paper Box
Selects KBA Press
Ingersoll Paper Box (IPB), a folding carton manufac-
turer headquartered in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, has
selected a KBA Rapida 106 41-inch seven-color press
equipped with a coater, full UV capabilities, and in-
line color control.The new press will be delivered in
April 2014.
Ingersoll Paper Box was established in 1922.Today,
the firm is headquartered in a facility with 80,000
square feet of manufacturing space and 38,000
square feet of warehousing space.
BST Pro Mark Donates
Inspection System To DiTrolio
BST Pro Mark, Elmhurst, Illinois, has donated a new
Powerscope 3000 video web inspection system to
the Ditrolio Flexographic Institute, Broadview, Illi-
nois, which has been installed on the school’s 13-
inch six-color Profiteer press.
Adheso-Graphics, Inc.
Advanced Prepress Graphics, Inc.
Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.
Comexi Group Industries S.A.U.
DuPont Packaging Graphics
Eaglewood Technologies, LLC
Flexo Market News
Sustainable Growth
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