February 24, 2014
Vol. 16 No. 4
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Market News
Virginia Tech Offers
Packaging Degree
Virginia Tech has created a new
packaging systems and design de-
gree program. The undergraduate
program, which was approved last
month by the State Council of High-
er Education for Virginia, will teach
students how to design packaging
systems that are economically, envi-
ronmentally, aesthetically and tech-
nically sound.
Tech’s College of Natural Re-
sources is the only institution in the
state and one of a handful in the na-
tion to offer such a program, the
school said. The program will be
housed in the Department of Sus-
tainable Biomaterials.
Laszlo Horvath, Assistant Professor
of Practice and Director of Virginia
Tech’s Center for Packaging and Unit
Load Design, said packaging profes-
sionals are in such demand that 98
percent of students in Tech’s pro-
gram have found a job within weeks
of graduation. Students majoring in
packaging systems and design take
courses in computer-aided design,
material properties, and packaging
polymers and processing.
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Sustainability To Hit
$244 Billion By 2018
by Greg Kishbaugh
here has been much speculation in the packaging markets
as to whether the push for sustainability can remain as
strong as it has been over the past few years.
And while there have been many ‘trends’ that have come and
gone in the converting markets over the past several decades,
the drive toward sustainability seems markedly different. For
one, it is being driven by multiple channels in the supply
chain. Consumers, converters, CPGs and retailers all, to varying
degrees, remain commit-
ted to sustainability and
the long-term benefits of-
fered by this strategy.
The sustainability move-
ment is also unusual in
that it offers the opportu-
nity to both cut costs for
all concerned and to also
greatly benefit the envi-
ronment. There are very
few win/win scenarios in the world, but sustainability seems to
fall into this category.
A new report posits that the sustainable market will continue
to be strong, hitting $244 billion by 2018.
The report, by Smithers Pira, speculates that consumer de-
mand, government legislation and technology advances will
continue to be what propels sustainable packaging.
“The Future of Sustainable Packaging to 2018
details mar-
ket sizes, projections and five-year sustainable packaging
trends to 2018, focusing on key drivers, trends and technolo-
gies shaping the sustainable packaging industry,” the reports
synopsis states.“The report breaks down sales by type, end-use
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