September 9, 2013
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Three members of the Bobst services team in the
UK and Ireland have celebrated 25 years each with
the company. Alan Letford, Chris Kingsland and Mike
West all joined Bobst in 1988.
West has worked extensively as a field service
technician, specializing in electrical and electronic
issues, while Kingsland provides specialist technical
advice to users of Bobst folder gluers. Letford is part
of the Bobst management team and is the compa-
ny’s national service manager for the UK, Ireland
and Scandinavia.
Effective immediately, Andy Colletta has ceased his
function as president/CEO of Nilpeter USA. Colletta
joined RotoPress in 1993, which was purchased by
Nilpeter in 2001.
In succeeding Andy Colletta, Lenny
DeGirolmo assumes all managerial
responsibilities as the President/
Managing Director of Nilpeter USA.
DeGirolmo was most recently the
Vice President of Operations. De-
Girolmo joined Nilpeter in 2000; he
has had several key positions within
the company including VP of sales
and North America product manag-
er. He will report directly to the Executive Manage-
ment Board at the Nilpeter global headquarters in
Slagelse, Denmark.
ETI Converting
ETI Converting Equipment has named Maxime
Bayzelon President of the company. Graduated from
University of Sherbrooke in mechanical engineering,
Bayzelon started to work for ETI in 2007 where he
has been involved in new product development, in
engineering and in manufacturing.
People & Places
(l to r) Mike West, Alan Letford, Managing Director of
Bobst UKand Ireland Neil Jones and Chris Kingsland.
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