September 9, 2013
Vol. 15 No. 18
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Market News
Esko Plans
Purchase Of CAPE
Esko has announced its intent to
purchase CAPE Systems, a provider
of software solutions for packaging
design, pallet load optimization and
supply chain profitability. CAPE is
active worldwide through a net-
work of resellers, and is headquar-
tered in Allen, Texas, with offices in
London, UK.
Business Evolution
“Esko is continually evolving from
a prepress solution provider to an
end-to-end supplier in the packag-
ing world,” said Carsten Knudsen,
Esko President and CEO. “It is our
strategy to improve and drive prof-
itability, utilization and fail safe so-
lutions for our customers all the
way from design to the point of
sale. CAPE has already made in-
roads in the brand owner and re-
tailer packaging space.Adding their
palletization tools to our portfolio
supports our strategic goals. With
CAPE, Esko receives the world’s
leading and best-in-class toolkit.
We’re determined to leverage the
synergies this brings to our existing
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MillerCoors Thrives
With Employee Buy-In
by Greg Kishbaugh
n terms of sustainability initiatives, success for most compa-
nies hinges on the amount of employee buy-in and coopera-
tion that can be garnered. No matter what orders come down
from management, it takes engaged personnel to make certain
that sustainable goals are realized.
Five years ago, MillerCoors launched a campaign called “Great
Beer Great Responsibility” that put sustainability at the fore-
front of its corporate plan. The company just published its
2013 Sustainability Report called “Brewing For Good”, in
which the company credits its employees in large part with
helping achieve many of its goals, including decreasing its
water use by 9 percent in 2012, to below the industry average.
The company also reduced its waste streams and achieved
landfill-free status at five of its eight breweries,
including its Golden brewery, which is the
largest single-site brewery in the United States.
Kim Marotta, Director of Sustainability for MillerCoors, re-
cently discussed the company’s environmental initiatives for
, which reports on corporate social responsibility, stat-
ing that MillerCoors has thrived by actively encouraging em-
ployees to bring ideas to management that could have a
positive impact on its sustainability initiatives, and well busi-
ness as a whole.
Marotta said there are a few key elements the company focus-
es on to remain enthusiastic and innovative. First, she said, it’s
We’ve noticed that engaging our employees
in the development of our programs and
goals not only makes a difference in their at-
titude and commitment, it ultimately dictates
our progress —
Kim Marotta
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