Flexo Market News
November 4, 2013
run the company because of their seemingly diamet-
rically opposed attributes.
“I’m a production-minded person,” said Chris, “and
Kellie is more finely attuned to sales. This is just our
nature. And it truly helps us view every situation
from both of those angles, which is very important.
From the production side we focus almost obsessive-
ly over the best and most effective way to improve
our process, and from a sales viewpoint we are al-
ways looking at ways to meet our customer’s distinct
and individual expectations.”
Digital Revolution
Staying ahead of the competitive curve is what mo-
tivated PRP to become an early adapter of the most
dominant game-changer to ever hit the printing in-
dustry: digital technology.
The company began to gain a great deal of industry
notice for its ability to create high-end graphics and
it was with that eye toward quality that the company
eagerly embraced the digital revolution in the 1980s.
A $1 million investment in Scitex equipment was the
beginning of immense change for not only PRP, but
the entire printing industry.
The company’s commitment to digital technology
PRP Anniversary
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