November 4, 2013
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CPP Expo Reports
Strong Converter Demand
H.A. Bruno LLC, owners of CPP EXPO, reports that
of the 24,645 attendees to the recent show in Chica-
go in early September — co-located with Print 2013
— 33 percent were printing professionals who came
through the doors purposely seeking the latest in
package printing presses.
Ranked number 3 in the overall equipment/prod-
ucts shopped by attendees; converting equipment
and processes were sought by industry buyers with
thousands of requests noted for applications that are
specifically associated with converting/package
printing.These include:
Coating & Laminating
Converting – Flexible Packaging
Converting –Folding Carton
Package Printing Equipment
“CPP proved to be a robust event for Mark Andy this
year,”said Mary Sullivan,Director of Global Marketing for
Mark Andy, Inc. “We found that CPP being co-located
with Print13 gave us a unique presence where we had
non-stop activity connecting with many existing and po-
tential customers.We took advantage of the buyers in at-
tendance and promoted our equipment,brands and new
supplies to both commercial and flexo printing audi-
ences. CPP is a unique hybrid show that is key to Mark
Andy; it keeps our presence strong in our traditional
markets while also uncovering new opportunities.”
Looking Ahead
CPP EXPO looks to the future and will increase its
educational offerings through expanded alliances
with industry associations and publications, as well
as the creation and installation of a formal CPP
EXPO Advisory Board.
“Knowing that each converting segment — mean-
ing tag, label, folding carton, flexible packaging —
continues to experience annual growth, it is no won-
der the latest innovations in printing equipment and
converting solutions are in demand,” said Leo
Nadolske, President, CPP EXPO. “Our task is to ex-
pand the offerings on the show floor, and we intend
to do so through tapping into the industry and mak-
ing sure we stay relevant and on track.”
The next edition of CPP EXPO will take place Sep-
tember 28 – October 1, 2014, in Chicago’s Mc-
Cormick Place Complex (South Building).
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