Flexo Market News
November 4, 2013
continues unabated today. Roughly ten years ago, PRP
developed ExSpect®, the first engineered flat top
dots. Several years later, the company launched Digital
ExSpect®, the first flat-top-dot digital plate technology.
And to ensure that its digital output could continue
uninterrupted for its customers, in the early 2000s,
PRP made the bold move of duplicating every piece
of machinery in its facility. “When something broke
down it was a nightmare and created terrible time
delays for our customers,” said Chris Green. “So we
now have two of everything, which means we have
one of the largest plate capacity facilities in one sin-
gle place in the country.”
Like all successful companies, PRP acknowledges
that it owes its successes in large part to its workforce,
a dedicated group that has helped usher in one tech-
nological advance after an-
other. “We have some very
influential people working at
PRP who have enormous lev-
els of experience and exper-
tise,” said Chris Green.
“Production Manager Gary
Ford has been with us since
1973; Dale Gilpatrick, Strategic Operations Manager,
since 1970. Ned Weir, Senior Research Engineer, and
one of the leading minds in flexo printing, has been
with us since 1960.”
PRP feels it is a company that is not limited to one
particular area of expertise, which is the reason it has
recently launched a rebranding effort, one that encap-
sulates the company’s wide-ranging approach. With
that in mind, the decision was made to drop the ‘flexo’
from its name and now be known simply as PRP.
“Flexo is integral to what we do here,” said Kellie
Green, “but there is so much more that we offer.We
provide full circle packaging needs, beginning from
initial design and hitting on every aspect of brand
Our Digital Asset Management programs allow us to
refer to the latest legal and regulatory approved
Brand Assets, maintaining consistency for brands
when multiple design firms are involved,” she contin-
ued.“We offer color management, as well as consult-
ing services, including on-site, press-side assistance
and press approvals. And our ‘Print Champions’ pro-
gram offers in-depth analysis, reporting and recom-
mendations that lead to improved print quality.”
Chris Green describes PRP as a company built on
the foundation of perfectionism. “Our grandfather
often said,‘If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.’ I
think that philosophy remains very much intact
here today.”
Eaglewood Technologies / Sani-Blast™
Eaglewood Technologies, LLC is the maker of Sani-Blast™
anilox roll cleaning equipment and is the pioneer is anilox roll
cleaning. We offer cleaning equipment and service for wide
and narrow web rolls and print sleeves using environmentally
safe baking soda. Eaglewood’s product line also includes is
Variable Data Printing (VDP) equipment. To complete the
product offering is a line of daily press cleaners.
Flexotecnica – Get the Edge
Flexotecnica’s patented Safe Sleeve Change® system and
Speedy Clean® auto washup system are designed to give
converters a competitive edge through Flexotecnica’s com-
mitment to research and development. Service and support
for Flexotecnica presses is provided by North American
Cerutti Corporation in New Berlin, WI, with U.S. resident
technicians, an extensive spare parts inventory and an expe-
rienced, dedicated service staff. Visit our web site for more
Flint Group
Flint Group Flexographic Products globally offers an out-
standing product range: nyloflex® and nyloprint® photopoly-
mer printing plates for flexographic, letterpress and gravure
applications along with coating plates for offset printing, pro-
cessing equipment, nylosolv® washout solvents, rotec®
sleeves, rotec® adapters and the endless photopolymer
nyloflex® ITR sleeves. Product names marked with ® are
registered trademarks of Flint Group Germany GmbH.
Harper Corporation of America
We’ve made ceramic anilox rolls longer than anyone in the
world and pride ourselves on being the best in the world.
Whether wide web, narrow web, newspaper, or corrugated
markets, Harper continuously strives to bring new flexo-
graphic products and services to the printing industry that will
improve the quality of your graphics.
J I MacWilliam Co., Inc.
Used equipment for flexible packaging, folding carton, paper,
film, foil and non-woven industries. Professional, knowledge-
able service for over 30 years.
Mark Andy, Inc.
Mark Andy, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of narrow
and mid-web printing and converting equipment. The compa-
ny has a rich history of delivering solutions to increase pro-
ductivity and profitability for the label and packaging markets.
The company supplies leading global brands including
Comco printing/converting machinery, Mark Andy
printing/converting machinery and UVTechnology curing sys-
tems and replacement parts. Mark Andy, Inc. is headquar-
tered in St. Louis, Missouri, with sales and distribution offices
in France, Switzerland, and the UK.
Flexo Market News
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