May 20, 2013
Flexo Market News
Water-Repellent Packaging Material for Yogurt Lids
Toyo Aluminum K.K., Japan; Morinaga Milk Industry
Co. Ltd, Japan)
Folmex Reinvents Laundry Detergent Packaging
While Improving Sustainability, Reducing Cost
Folmex, Mexico; P&G, Panama,Venezuela)
Clearly Clean Products partners with Weis Mar-
kets and Launches the World’s Only Recyclable MAP
Clearly Clean Products, USA;Weis Markets, USA)
Innovative 3D In-Mold Technology Provides
Multi-Sensory Experience for Consumers
USA; PACCOR International GmbH, Germany; Britton
Decorative, France; Unilever, Europe)
Pepperidge Farm Debuts Re-Closure Innovation
to the Delight of Snackers Everywhere
Farm, USA; Campbell Company, Canada, USA and
Sonoco Flexible, Canada, USA)
Campbell’s Go™ Soup Speaks to Millennials
with Convenient Standup Pouch
Campbell’s Soup
Company, USA; C&K Propack, Korea)
Heinz Freshens Iconic Ketchup Bottle
Heinz, USA)
Streamlined CardioFocus Heartlight
Tray Cost-Effectively Protects Sensitive Equipment
Beacon Converters, Inc., USA; CardioFocus, Inc, USA;
Dahl Packaging Associates, USA).
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