March 25, 2013
Vol. 15 No.6
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Market News
Consumers Easily
Swayed By Packaging
by Greg Kishbaugh
reenwashing is a term commonly associated with a CPG
or converter making false or misleading claims about the
environmental benefits of its packaging.
But what do we call a package that makes misleading nutri-
tional benefits about the product it contains? With an increas-
ing number of consumers showing an interest in living
healthier lifestyles, packaging is beginning in some cases to be
used to make shoppers feel they are making healthy food
choices, even though that may not always be the case.
At the NutraFormulate show last week in
Birmingham, England, Allene Bruce, Commer-
cial Manager at New Nutrition Business, out-
lined several trends that are driving strategy
in the food, drink, nutrition and health sectors. Bruce ad-
dressed the idea that consumer are increasingly demanding
naturalness’ in their food choices.
Naturalness means many things to different people, but for
consumers it tends to mean fewer and more simple ingredi-
ents and that it has a functional health benefit,” Bruce said. She
continued by saying that a major trend is the idea of natural-
ness being adopted by brands not normally associated with
health, along with the packaging of those products.
For example, Stella Artios recently used its packaging in a
campaign too promote that its lager contains only four ingredi-
ents. Haagen Dazs similarly made claims on its packaging that
its ice cream only contained five ingredients, despite the fact
Harper Plans First
Harper Corporation of America’s
Harper SMART Roadshow will
kick off in Chesterfield, Missouri, at
the Campus of Mark Andy on
Wednesday, March 27.
The 2013 SMART tour — Showcas-
ing Modern Anilox Roll Technology
will make six stops and will part-
ner with OEMs to provide attendees
with information regarding the latest
in flexographic technology and best
practices.Additionally, participants in
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TLMI Names Singer
Award Winners
The Tag and Label Manufacturers
Institute (TLMI) has announced the
winners of the Eugene Singer Award
for Management Excellence. One of
TLMI’s highest honors, this award
recognizes excellence in business
management measured and defined
by an established set of growth and
profitability ratios through the par-
ticipation in the TLMI Management
Ratio Study.
The Singer Award is given annually
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For consumers, [naturalness] tends to
mean fewer and more simple ingredients —
Allene Bruce