January 28, 2013
Vol. 15 No. 2
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Market News
Packaging Helps UN
Fight Food Waste
by Greg Kishbaugh
t has long been established that packaging serves a multitude
of functions, from the strictly utilitarian purposes of product
transport to the ever-evolving role it plays in advertising, pro-
moting and informing consumers on the packaging’s contents.
Recent advances in high-end printing, including flexo, have
turned packaging into an effective retail salesforce, influencing
consumer decisions right up to the moment of purchase.
But amid all the high-tech advances that have been made
over the past few years in the production of high-end packag-
ing, the packaging industry must never lose sight of one of its
important fundamental roles: shipping and protecting food.
Last week, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organi-
zation (FAO) released a new study revealing that one third of
the food produced around the world for human consumption
approximately 1.3 billion tons — gets lost or wasted.
Alarmingly, a recent report from the UK’s In-
stitute of Mechanical Engineers put the figure
even higher, saying that as much as half of the
food produced in the world is wasted each year.) And while
there are many factors in this travesty outside the purview of
packaging, there is still a massive amount of waste that con-
verting and retail experts could help eliminate.
Somewhat surprisingly, food loss and waste is roughly the
same for both industrialized and developing countries, roughly
US$680 billion in industrialized countries and US$310 billion
in developing countries.
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ICE USA 2013 Adds
New Exhibitors
More than 100 new exhibitors will
be joining the over 200 returning ex-
hibitors at ICE USA 2013, taking
place April 9-11, in Orlando, Florida.
Many of the new exhibitors have
also reserved larger exhibit space to
display the running machinery they
will be bringing to the Show.
Some of the companies who will
be exhibiting at the biennial show
for the first time include: Nordmec-
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M&A Forum
Looks At Converting
The 2013 AWA Mergers & Acquisi-
tions Executive Forum, convened by
market research group Alexander
Watson Associates, will be held on
March 18 at the University Club of
Over the next 12 to 18 months, it
is expected that there will be numer-
ous M&A opportunities for both
strategic and financial buyers to
grow their companies and improve
their financial performance across
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In a world of seven billion people, set to
grow to nine billion by 2050, wasting food
makes no sense —
Achim Steiner