February 25, 2013
Flexo Market News
DTM Flexo
Services Launches
Last month, David McBeth left his position as VP
Global Sales for Pamarco Global Graphics and started
his own business called DTM Flexo Services, based
out of Toronto, Canada.
DTM Flexo Services, is a Canadian
flexographic printing and convert-
ing industries sales and service rep-
resentative. McBeth has more than
years experience in the field and
has worked for some of the major
names within the industry.
McBeth sees Canada as a unique
market with very unique idiosyn-
crasies; he lives in Canada and un-
derstands what it takes for success developing the
market. DTM already represents Apex Anilox; Ab-
solute Doctor Chambers; and Camis Plate and Sleeve
Mounters. He looks forward adding more companies
top his roster between now and the AICC and FTA in
April and May. For more info on DTM Flexo, visit
Spear Acquired
By Constantia Flexibles
Constantia Flexibles Group, headquartered in Vien-
na, Austria, has signed a deal to acquire Spear Group,
a manufacturer of labels globally.
Spear was founded in 1982 and has sales of approx-
imately $195 million with 650 employees located at
four facilities in North America, one site in Europe
Wales/UK), one site in South Africa and a sales office
in Singapore. According to Dan Muenzer, Spear’s VP
of Marketing, Spear will operate as Spear for the fore-
seeable future, but will be a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Its executive and management has all agreed to stay
on and run the business.
Constantia Flexibles is a flexible packaging group
supplying international customers in the food, pet
food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries with
more than 6,500 employees in more than 50 group
companies in 20 countries.
Harris & Bruno To Attend
Print UV Annual Conference
Harris & Bruno International will be participating
in the annual Print UV Conference in Las Vegas, Neva-
da, March 3-6. Along with having a tabletop display,
H&B Vice President of Sales & Marketing Scott
Michels will be on a panel to discuss Anilox UV
Rollers and UV Special Effects.
David McBeth