February 25, 2013
Vol. 15 No. 4
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Market News
New Technologies
Will Rely On Flexo
by Greg Kishbaugh
here are a host of high-tech advances being introduced
into the packaging supply chain right now, many of which
will undoubtedly play a large part in the future of converters’
businesses. Things like active and intelligent packaging, nano-
technology and smart labeling will surely all grow in promi-
nence in the coming years.
What’s interesting is that when asked, in a recent survey on
high-tech developments, what
trends converters feel
will remain strong or grow in the future in order to aid in im-
plementing these new technologies, flexography was at the
top of the list.
A new report called
Global Packaging
Survey 2012-2013: New Consumer Technol-
ogy Solutions - Impact, Opportunities and
has just been released by Canadean, which analyzes
the impact — and expectations — of new technologies in
the global packaging industry.
The report set out to find not only the challenges and bene-
fits associated with innovative packaging technology, but also
how these technologies would change packaging buyers pro-
curement budgets.
For instance, 46 percent of the respondents (derived from a
panel of global packaging industry executives) anticipate an in-
crease in their procurement budgets for new technology over
the next 12 months. The key drivers behind recent market
changes are no surprise as respondents cited “consumer
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and breaking news visi
TLP Launches
Education Program
The Label Printers (TLP) has intro-
duced a program titled Take Stock
For Education by inviting teachers
from the West Aurora, Illinois, school
district to an Open House featuring
printing materials that teachers can
repurpose for their classrooms.
The Label Printers has just intro-
duced a program that fits the goals
of its “Go Green, Save Green, and
Earn Green” sustainability program,
and at the same time, provides
much-needed teaching materials
support to local school districts.
The company invited teachers
from nearby USD 129 to come to its
plant and choose from any of the
available materials that The Label
Printers could not use in manufac-
turing (such as cores, label stock and
laminates, oversize papers, and mis-
cellaneous office supplies).
The Take Stock for Education pro-
gram offers a variety of materials, some
of which will be used with students,
others may be used to decorate class-
rooms or as office supplies for teach-
ers in fulfilling the administrative
High-tech packaging innovations such as
intelligent packaging, smart labeling and
nano-technology are expected to surge.
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