April 22, 2013
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pipeline is driven by consistently engaging with con-
sumers and learning from them.”
Perimeter currently focuses on three packaging
platforms in their work with CPGs—Easy Dosing and
Dispensing, Maintaining Freshness and On the Go.
We will never know as much as a CPG brand man-
ager about his or her product category,” said Calla-
han. “But we come to the table with market-ready
solutions that have been vetted by consumers.”
Perimeter’s philosophy is firmly established on the
principle that each customer has very unique brand
identity challenges as well as product positioning.As
such, Perimeter’s Consumer Insights team works
closely with each CPG client to produce completely
customized designs.
We assess the market need, product design and us-
ability,” said Christian Lavoie, Senior Consumer In-
sights Manager.“Our research process stretches from
broad market need down to prototyping and in-
home usage tests. Finding a better way, while map-
ping to existing consumer behavior, is our primary
focus in developing new packaging solutions.”
Lavoie is currently tracking numerous trends based
on the company’s research, using it to guide future
product development, in addition to further research
that could yield more information on how to better
engage consumers.
The most useful information gleaned from the origi-
nal research came from the one-on-one consumer
sessions in which data were revealed regarding both
purchase intent before and after product usage.
Our research work focuses on a wide range of cat-
egories, including household, food and beverage, pet,
and personal care,” said Lavoie.
Having analyzed the initial data, Lavoie feels there
are common themes to be found in successful new
CPG packaging solutions.
First of all, Lavoie feels that new designs, while
being original, must also be intuitive. In other words,
it’s important not to be
clever in completely
reimaging a package as consumers need to feel im-
mediately comfortable with how to utilize a new
package design.
Consumers are highly skeptical of a new package
design that they can’t immediately figure out how to
use,” Lavoie said.
Ease of use is also important as consumers appreci-
ate packaging innovations that take away steps to use
the product. For example, said Lavoie, on-the-go pack-
aging that eliminates the need to transfer product to
a smaller container is often well received.
And, finally, the packaging—while being wholly
new and original—must also have an aspect of famil-
iarity to it. It’s a fine line to walk indeed, as con-
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