Flexo Market News
April 22, 2013
Dogwood Alliance, IP
Find Common Ground
International Paper and forest conservation organi-
zation Dogwood Alliance announced an agreement
said to help advance science based forestry improve-
ments in the world’s largest paper producing region.
The former foes will map forests around Internation-
al Paper’s southeastern operations to identify
whether any endangered forests or high conservation
value areas exist. This mapping will help ensure that
IP is not sourcing from any endangered forests as per
its long-standing company policy and will also identi-
fy mutually-agreed upon areas where conservation
can be focused. In addition, IP and Dogwood Alliance
will work together to discourage the conversion of
natural hardwood forests to pine plantations.
This collaboration builds on initiatives recently an-
nounced by International Paper.The first is IP’s mem-
bership in the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Forest &
Trade Network in North America. Additionally, IP an-
nounced a $7.5 million five-year project with the Na-
tional Fish and Wildlife Foundation to restore and
conserve forests in the Coastal Carolinas, Cumber-
land Plateau and Texas/Arkansas Piney Woods re-
gions. Finally, IP announced an increase in its
sourcing of Forest Stewardship Council certified
fiber by more than 1.2 million tons during the past
five years, and expects to triple that increase by the
end of 2014.
Avery Dennison Discusses
Packaging At FUSE 2013
Last week,Avery Dennison Corporation led a panel
discussion for brand strategists and designers on the
future of packaging at the FUSE 2013 conference in
Chicago, Illinois. The session,
Here it Comes: Get
Ready for Interactive Packaging
featured Donna
Sturgess, President of Buyology, and Avery Dennison’s
Jay Gouliard, VP of Innovation, and Judy Abelman, VP
of Communications.
The possibilities and challenges of interactive pack-
aging are on the minds of brands, agencies and manu-
facturers, said Jay Gouliard, VP of Innovation for
Avery Dennison. However, many in the industry may
not be aware of how quickly change is going to
come. In the next few years, technology and social in-
teraction will leap ahead of the ability of the package
to influence consumers. Opinions, buying prefer-
ences and decisions will be made online, away from
the store, and influenced by social media.This poses
a big challenge for the packaging industry that we
will explore in our discussion.