April 22, 2013
Flexo Markt News
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DuPont Installs First DigiFlow
Flexo System in Russia
DuPont Packaging Graphics recently installed its
first DuPont
DigiFlow 1000 ECLF exposure
unit in Russia at FlexoCenter Partner, a trade shop in
Novosibirsk. The Cyrel
DigiFlow system is the most
recent addition to FlexoCenter Partner’s equipment
portfolio, which also includes the DuPont
Digital Imager (CDI) Spark 4835, Cyrel
a processor Cyrel
P, and DW 100.
DigiFlow is said to be a relatively simple and
inexpensive modification to the existing line of
DuPont exposure units; it adds a chamber that allows
the creation of a controlled atmosphere during the
main exposure allowing one-to-one reproduction of
image elements on the plate. The Cyrel
DigiFlow ex-
posure units were designed for use on an ‘as-needed’
basis, and can easily be switched off when the stan-
dard digital dot is the preferred result.
FLAG Doubles Memberhsip
Over Past Months
Flexo Label Advantage Group (FLAG) has more than
doubled it’s independent label converter membership
over the last few months, with Q1 2013 being espe-
cially active as new members joined the group from
Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. FLAG
now has label converter Members in 14 States, and
several of those states have more than one member.
FLAG has built a solid foundation of independent
label converter Members and world class vendor
partners who all understand that by working towards
a common goal we will all benefit financially and oth-
erwise,” said FLAG Founder John McKay.“Word is get-
ting out to label converters that buying as a group
without giving up individuality, can bring significant
bottom line savings,” he added.
From left) Alexander Mushukov (FlexoCenter
Partner), Vadim Zotin (DuPont), and Alexander
Kosachev (DuPont) are present for the success-
ful installation of the new DuPont
Flow system at FlexoCenter Partner in Russia.