April 22, 2013
Vol. 15 No. 8
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Market News
Perimeter Focuses
On Consumer Intentions
by Greg Kishbaugh
veryone in the packaging industry, from the design and
production teams at the converting company to the high-
est levels of the CPGs, serves the same customer. That being
the ultimate, final
There are scores of people that
need to be appeased from the conception of a package to final
execution, but, in the end, there’s only one person that mat-
ters.And that’s the one walking down the store aisle.
Perimeter Brand Packaging, an Open Innovation partner to
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, has recently
completed a qualitative and quantitative research project that
incorporated the input of an astounding
consumers and took a year to com-
plete. The reason for the research is simple:
Perimeter feels that it can leverage the con-
sumer insight to create market-ready packaging solutions for
CPG companies.This amount of upfront analysis hopefully en-
sures that each new CPG product launch is met with success,
considering that consumer opinions have already gone into
forming the packaging. In essence, the solutions that Perimeter
delivers have already been validated by consumers in connec-
tion with the type of in-store purchase decisions they intend to
make and how they would like the packaging to perform in
their homes.
We know that staying connected to the consumer is absolutely
critical to our ongoing success,” said Steve Callahan, President
of Perimeter Brand Packaging. “Our packaging product
ICE USA 2013 Sees
Surge In Exhibitors
By Greg Kishbaugh
The ICE USA show held April 9-11
in Orlando, Florida, saw a surge in
several key statistics over the inau-
gural show held two years ago and
contained what one exhibitor called
decisionmakers, not time wasters.”
Visitor attendance was up 17 per-
cent over the last show, with atten-
dees from 45 different countries, as
well as 45 different U.S. states com-
ing to the show.
The trade show floor increased a
dramatically from the first show by
percent, which included 120 new
exhibitors. In addition, conference at-
tendance was up 15 percent, too.
No dates have been set for the next
ICE USA show, but at this time show
organizers say it will remain on its
current two-year cycle and that it
will once again be held in Orlando.
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Our packaging product pipeline is driven by
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learning from them —
Steve Callahan