September 24, 2012
Flexo Market News
After 16 years of a predominant technology focus,
the program has been enhanced to provide a more
combined analysis of key marketing trends with new
technology enhancements.This year’s theme is
Marketing and Technology to Innovate and Thrive
EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK 2012 will kick off with a
keynote address from Jeff Hayzlett, best-selling au-
thor and President of the Hayzlett Group, who will
share the essential business lessons to lead, drive
change, and grow profits.
EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK will also offer a series of
brief-but-detailed “vignettes” that shed light on which
technologies graphic communications professionals
should be looking to invest in at GRAPH EXPO 2012.
As the program draws to a close, participants will
be among the first to hear the announcements of the
Best of Category” 2012 MUST SEE ’EMS exhibits and
products, and also recognize the inaugural “Legacy
Award” winner. EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK will con-
clude with the announcement of the Positively Print
program awardee.
Survey Concludes:
Made In USA” Matters
In the latest shopper research survey conducted by
Perception Research Services International (PRS), re-
sults indicate that 4 out of 5 shoppers notice “Made in
the USA” claims on packaging, similar to 2011 levels (83
percent vs. 80 percent).And most of those shoppers (76
percent) claim that they are more likely to purchase a
product after noticing the“Made in the USA”claim.
These shoppers maintain that the number one rea-
son they are more likely to buy “Made in the USA” is
to “help the economy.”Yet, the products they say they
would prefer to purchase — if American-made —
suggest that quality and safety may be the true moti-
vating factors, according to the survey.These include
food, medicine and personal care items.
For the first time this year, PRS asked shoppers in
the United States about products that tout a “Made in
China” claim.This is noticed nearly as much as “Made
in the USA” (76 percent vs. 83 percent). However, just
more than half (57 percent) say they are less likely to
purchase products that are “Made in China,” mostly
because of safety and quality concerns. The positive
associations with “Made in China” are related to a bet-
ter price.
PRS also has preliminary data from China that re-
veals that a “Made in China” claim does not resonate
as well there as “Made in the USA” does in the United
States. Just more than half (58 percent) of shoppers
in China that notice a “Made in China” claim are posi-
tively influenced by it.
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