October 8, 2012
Flexo Market News
Independent Carton Group Members
Reduce Carbon Footprint, Energy Costs
The Independent Carton Group (ICG), an association
of 17 independently owned and operated folding car-
ton companies, announced that its members have
achieved significant monetary savings and environmen-
tal benefits as a result of the group’s energy efficiency
program with Efficient Lighting Consultants (ELC).
ICG member companies that implemented energy-effi-
cient lighting solutions in their manufacturing facilities,
warehouses and offices through ELC and various other
means are collectively saving $1,871,806 in electricity
costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more
than 18.1 million pounds annually.
The ICG members’ $1,871,806 in collective annual
savings is the result of more than 16.4 million kilowatt
hours of electricity they are saving each year. This is
equivalent to more than 8.4 million pounds of coal
and nearly 1.1 million gallons of oil not burned, or the
amount of fossil fuels needed to provide 1,976 homes
with electricity for one year. ICG members have also
helped reduce air pollution and improve air quality by
decreasing their greenhouse gas emissions and other
harmful environmental pollutants. Gas emissions
avoided annually include 33,383 pounds of sulfur ox-
ides, 8,906 pounds of nitrogen oxides and more than
million pounds of carbon dioxide.
ICG members include Accord Carton,Accurate Box,
All Packaging, Climax Manufacturing, Colbert Packag-
ing, Curtis Packaging, 3C Packaging, Dee Paper Box,
Diamond Packaging, Disc Graphics, El Paso Paper
Box, Finn Industries, Metro Packaging and Imaging,
Royal Paper Box, Sonderen Packaging, Thoro Packag-
ing and Zumbiel Packaging.
Superior Printing Ink
Launches Flexo Program
Superior Printing Ink Co., Inc. is launching a water-
based/UV flexographic ink program targeted to the
narrow-web and label markets. The new product
lines are the result of several months of development
and testing with the firm’s water-based technical
R&D group in Charlotte, North Carolina, and its UV
technical group in Teterboro, New Jersey.
Avery Dennison, 3M Terminate Agreement
For Sale Of Consumer Products Business
Avery Dennison Corporation and 3M Company
have terminated the definitive agreement under
which 3M would have purchased Avery Dennison’s
Office and Consumer Products business. Avery Den-
nison will continue to pursue a divestiture of the Of-
fice and Consumer Products business.
Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd.,
Bedford MK42 7XT, UK
T: +44 1234 852553
Atlas Converting No
T: +1 704 587 2450
Rewind to the Future
Reduced downtime
+ Reduced set change time
+ Reduced waste
= more $$$ Profit
Reduced downtime
Acceleration Speed Control (ASC)
Predictive Stopping Control (PSC)
Knife Positioning Systems (KPS
Reduced set change time
Rewind Core Positioning (RCP
Rewind Clamp Cut-off (RCC)
Automatic Tape Down (ATD)
Reduced waste
Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS)
Guider Knife Positioning (GKP
The latest generation TITAN SR9 Series slitter rewinder
platform saves valuable minutes during the entire slitting
and rewinding process.
And its new modular design concept means the TITAN
SR9 can be configured to meet current production
demands, with simple ‘bolt on’ options for changing
future requirements.
The new
makes every
second count!