October 8, 2012
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formation, there were no parameters to define a sus-
tainable printing operation.Today, SGP hopes its mea-
surable criteria and third-party on-site auditing
provide the standard and recognition for sustainabili-
ty performance.
In the summer of 2007, four trade associations —
PIA, SGIA, FTA, and NAPIM — held discussions re-
garding the development of sustainability resources
for members.This meeting was based on the requests
from customers for validation of sustainability efforts
and the need to define sustainability for the graphic
communications industry.
The trade association leadership agreed that a com-
mon approach to this issue was needed.A stakehold-
er group, including representatives from all print
processes, supplier community, customer base, state
and federal environmental agencies, and NGO com-
munity was developed.
Regulatory Compliance
From the beginning, the group’s stakeholders
agreed that the program must encompass more than
just environmental issues, and that SGP should pro-
mote an integrated and balanced approach to sustain-
ability. The stakeholders agreed that regulatory
compliance must be the baseline for the program,
but it also needed to incorporate other factors that
promote sustainability.
For any organization seeking to move beyond
compliance and liability-driven issues to the strate-
gic and the sustainable, SGP feels there are four dri-
vers that must be considered: competitiveness,
internal efficiency, regulatory advantage, and stake-
holder engagement.
Key Issues
The SGP has focused on several key issues in defin-
ing its role and continued growth.
SGP must be an independent body that is not af-
filiated with any particular trade association serving
the graphic communications industry.
Third-party verification is essential for the cred-
itability of the program.
SGP should encompass multiple levels of entry to
accommodate all sizes of facilities.
A glossary of terms needed to be developed to
serve as benchmarks and information points for the
printers, suppliers, and final customer base of the in-
Education and outreach to printers, print buyers,
consumer product companies, environmental
groups, and other non-government organizations is
critical for its continued viability.
SGP Takes Action
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