October 8, 2012
Flexo Market News
Booth 427
Esko will participate at Graph Expo
this week, October 7-10, at Chicago’s Mc-
Cormick Place, with demonstrations covering a wide
range of products and services.
Among many of those products, the Kongsberg XN
finishing table and Studio 12 have been tagged Must
See Em products for Graph Expo 2012. i-cut Suite —
a workflow for wide-format printers — is a 2012 In-
Technology Award recipient.
During Graph Expo, a series of new solutions
launched earlier this year at drupa will be shown.Visi-
tors can work with a wide array of software solutions
addressing artwork, management, design and prepress,
color management, workflow automation and process
integration — for commercial print, wide format and
packaging. Esko Suite 12 adds value for the user by in-
troducing new productivity and efficiency benefits, ac-
cording to the company. This is done by closely
integrating all flagship tools and engines, by adding 3D
functionality for a holistic experience, and by enabling
mobile collaboration and web-based packaging man-
agement. Featuring WebCenter 12, Automation Engine
Color Engine 12, Studio 12 and the version 12 edi-
tions of flagship editors ArtiosCAD, PackEdge, ArtPro
and DeskPack, Suite 12 reportedly raises the bar for
process integration from design to press, involving all
players in the supply chain.
Hybrid Software
Booth 254
Hybrid Software will showcase its range
of Order Lifecycle Management (OLM) software solu-
tions. Developed to provide easy, comprehensive
connectivity between web-to-print, MIS, and produc-
tion systems, OLM software solutions can reportedly
help streamline production and improve production
Hybrid Software’s announcements at Graph Expo in-
clude the worldwide launch of Pipeline v2.0, an inte-
gration application that is said to allow users to easily
share job information from a wide range of otherwise
disparate and disconnected graphic arts production
systems, such as web-to-print portals, MIS/ERP systems,
and premedia workflows. Pipeline v2.0 connects di-
rectly to third-party applications that use databases and
makes it possible for users to share data from each sys-
tem to avoid duplication data entry. By interfacing di-
rectly with all production systems, it ensures that a
change in one system — such as a software upgrade or
database schema change — is self-contained and does
not affect other production systems.
Adheso-Graphics, Inc.
AGI manufactures, distributes and converts current technol-
ogy flexo mounting tapes and backing systems for corrugat-
ed plate mounting. Flexstik hard vinyl, FlexSoft, bi.esse
brand, Gold Series Thin tapes for sleeve and Narrow web
plate mounting. Specialty tapes that cover the vast thick-
ness range requirements and specific adhesion systems for
all flexo mounting requirements. We provide technical ser-
vice and problem solving services for unique customers &
Advanced Prepress Graphics, Inc.
Flexo Plate making at it’s finest. All format’s available up to
x 80”. Flexo artwork, Flexo films, and Flexo Plates.
Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.
A&V manufactures a complete line of photopolymer plate
processing systems and is a leading distributor of flexo-
graphic platemaking materials. A&V also sells digital imag-
ing systems and software specifically designed for
Comexi Group Industries S.A.U.
The Comexi Group is a leading supplier of quality
flexographic C.I. presses for the flexible packaging industry
worldwide. We also provide solventless laminators,
slitter/rewinders and related peripheral equipment such as
automatic wash-up systems, solvent recovery systems, au-
tomatic roll unloaders, and plate cylinder/sleeve storage
Daetwyler Corp.
Specialized Doctor Blades for every printing and coating ap-
plication, including the One-Step, which eliminates or great-
ly reduces UV spitting and the Soft Blade, designed to
significantly reduce score lines. New Stableflex, which elimi-
nates or greatly reduces chatter. MDC Flexo Consumable
Products includes end seals, cleaning brushes, protective
roll covers, filter/magnet systems, cylinder repair kits, FOG
ink remover and lint-free rags and more. Daetwyler provides
solutions to improve efficiency and productivity from pre-
press to pressroom.
DuPont Packaging Graphics
DuPont Packaging Graphics is the world’s leading supplier
of flexographic printing systems in digital and conventional
formats; including Cyrel® brand photopolymer plates,
Cyrel® FAST processing equipment, Cyrel® round sleeves,
mounting and finishing products. For more than 35 years,
beginning with Cyrel®, the first photopolymer printing plate,
through to today’s digital workflow revolution, DuPont has
been driving innovation in the Flexo and package printing
industries. The Digital Cyrel® FAST imaging system has
been broadly recognized for its efficiency, productivity, print
performance, and environmental benefits.
Flexo Market News
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