Flexo Market News
October 8, 2012
Environmental Issues Continue
To Drive Packaging Innovation
A recent pan-European survey from trade show or-
ganizer easyFairs reveals a thread of cautious opti-
mism running through packaging professional
despite the economic turmoil of recent years.
Most packaging professionals believe their budgets
will remain unchanged over the next 12 months but
of the remainder, a majority expect to see their funds
for investment increase.
Cost reduction and the need to enhance brand
image are currently the main drivers of innovation
but environmental issues will come to the fore over
the next five to ten years. In fact, the survey indicated
that nearly half of packaging professionals already re-
gard environmental packaging as part of their brand.
Some 2,600 European packaging professionals re-
sponded to the survey, overwhelmingly based in
northern and central Europe, Spain and the UK. Re-
spondents chose Germany as the most advanced Eu-
ropean countr y in terms of its approach to
sustainable packaging.
Survey findings in brief:
The most respected brands among packaging ex-
perts are Apple and Coca-Cola.
Two-thirds of packaging consumer companies
currently revamp their packaging more often than
once every two years; large companies rather more
frequently; medium-sized companies change their
packaging less frequently than the very large and the
very small.
Household & non-food FMCG packaging con-
sumers update most frequently.
Most packaging professionals (54 percent) be-
lieve their packaging budget will remain unchanged
over the coming year. Of the remainder, more expect
an increase than expect a decrease.
• 57
percent of respondents regard their compa-
nies as radical or incremental innovators; the rest re-
gard themselves as being in line with market norms.
Graphical changes to existing pack formats are the
most common form of updates to packaging; the appli-
cation of new materials is the second most common.
Cost reduction is the most important driver of in-
novation at the moment, followed by the desire to
enhance a brand’s image.
The environment is expected to play a leading role
as a driver of innovation over the next five to ten years.
Packaging professionals also regard paper and
flexible as the materials that will become increasing-
ly important.
Green packaging is increasingly important. Nearly
half of the respondents (47 percent) regard environ-
mental responsibility as a part of their brand identity.
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