Flexo Market News
October 8, 2012
For candidates hoping to become SGP certified, the
companies must meet all applicable federal, state,
and local environmental, health, and safety regula-
tions with no significant outstanding violations al-
lowed; and have a written Environmental, Health,
and Safety Policy signed by a responsible party (e.g.,
owner, president, etc.) and communicated to em-
ployees, customers, and is publicly available.
As part of the “Take Action” campaign, the SGP
hopes that print facilities can demonstrate their
commitment to sustainability by becoming SGP cer-
tified. SGP’s publicly vetted set of criteria and third-
party certification is said to provide a strong return
on investment by identifying operational improve-
ments and waste reductions. SGP certification also
helps print facilities to meet the ever-growing supply
chain requirements.
Suppliers can show their support for environmen-
tal responsibility by becoming a Platinum, Gold, or
Silver Patron of SGP. By becoming an SGP Patron,
suppliers support SGP’s mission of encouraging and
promoting participation in the movement to in-
crease the social responsibility of the graphic com-
munications supply network through sustainable
green practices.
Print buyers can recommend and develop a formal
procurement policy that preferences SGP certified
print facilities. SGP certified print facilities make sus-
tainability claims for printed products credible and
transparent. Preferencing SGP certified facilities pub-
licly demonstrates company’s ongoing commitment
to sustainability, which will resonate with customers,
clients, employees, and stakeholders.
Being Sustainable
The SGP Partnership states that in regards to fol-
lowing sustainable business practices, its members
must employ materials that are derived from renew-
able resources or have a low environmental impact
wherever and whenever possible, thus maximizing
recycling and recovery efforts with efficient utiliza-
tion of renewable energy. In addition, the member
should encourage the adoption of changes within
the supply chain by strongly recommending the use
of raw materials that do not threaten or harm future
generations and educate the customer and ultimate
consumer regarding the benefits of a restorative
For more information about the Take Action cam-
paign or how to take action, contact Heidi Thompson
r phone (732) 892-
SGP Takes Action
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