November 5, 2012
Flexo Market News
claims; how consumers are likely to interpret particu-
lar claims, and how marketers can substantiate these
claims; and how marketers can qualify their claims to
avoid deceiving consumers.
The Guides take into account nearly 340 unique
comments and more than 5,000 total comments re-
ceived since the FTC released the proposed revised
Guides in the fall of 2010.They also include informa-
tion gathered from three public workshops and a
study of how consumers perceive and understand
environmental claims.
The Green Guides are not agency rules or regula-
tions. Instead, they describe the types of environmen-
tal claims the FTC may or may not find deceptive
under Section 5 of the FTC Act. Under Section 5, the
agency can take enforcement action against deceptive
claims, which ultimately can lead to Commission or-
ders prohibiting deceptive advertising and marketing
and fines if those orders are later violated.
The FTC has brought several actions in recent years
related to deceptive recyclability, biodegradable, and
environmental certification claims as part of its over-
all effort to ensure that environmental marketing is
truthful and substantiated.
The FTC also released several business and con-
sumer education resources designed to help users
understand the Guides. These include: 1) “
mental Claims – Summary of Green Guides,
a four-
page summary of the changes in the Guides; 2) “
Green Guides
a video explaining highlights of the
changes; 3) a new page on the FTC Business Center,
with links to legal documents, the Guides and other
green” content; 4) a Business Center blog post; and
related consumer information.
Esko Demonstrates Wide
Product Range At Pack Expo
At last week’s Pack Expo, held in Chicago, Illinois,
Esko demonstrated a wide range of newly launched
products and services to benefit converters and
brand owners. Highlighted was Esko’s new Suite 12
portfolio of packaging design and workflow solu-
tions, along with the presence of X-Rite and Pantone-
an end-to-end color management and color
communication solution that, for the first time, ad-
dresses the needs of every single discipline within
the print supply chain. Visitors learned about Pan-
support within Esko’s workflows.
Suite 12 features WebCenter 12,Automation Engine
Color Engine 12, Studio 12 and the version 12 edi-
tions of flagship editors ArtiosCAD, PackEdge, ArtPro
and DeskPack.
Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd.,
Bedford MK42 7XT, UK
T: +44 1234 852553
Atlas Converting North America, Inc.,
Charlotte, NC 28273
T: +1 704 587 245
Rewind to the Future
Reduced downtime
+ Reduced set change time
+ Reduced waste
= more $$$ Profit
Reduced downtime
Acceleration Speed Control (ASC)
Predictive Stopping Control (PSC)
Knife Positioning Systems (KPS
Reduced set change time
Rewind Core Positioning (RCP
Rewind Clamp Cut-off (RCC)
Automatic Tape Down (ATD)
Reduced waste
Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS)
Guider Knife Positioning (GKP
The latest generation TITAN SR9 Series slitter rewinder
platform saves valuable minutes during the entire slitting
and rewinding process.
And its new modular design concept means the TITAN
SR9 can be configured to meet current production
demands, with simple ‘bolt on’ options for changing
future requirements.
The new
makes every
second count!