November 5, 2012
Flexo Market News
the product has specific and far-reaching environmen-
tal benefits.Very few products, if any, have all the attrib-
utes consumers seem to perceive from such claims,
making these claims nearly impossible to substantiate.
The Guides also advise marketers not to make an
unqualified degradable claim for a solid waste prod-
uct unless they can prove that the entire product or
package will completely break down and return to
nature within one year after customary disposal.
The Guides caution that items destined for landfills,
incinerators, or recycling facilities will not degrade
within a year, so marketers should not make unquali-
fied degradable claims for these items; and the
Guides clarify guidance on compostable, ozone, recy-
clable, recycled content, and source reduction
Taking It In Sections
The Guides contain new sections on: 1) certifica-
tions and seals of approval; 2) carbon offsets, 3) free-
of claims, 4) non-toxic claims, 5) made with
renewable energy claims, and 6) made with renew-
able materials claims.
The new section on certifications and seals of ap-
proval, for example, emphasizes that certifications
and seals may be considered endorsements that are
This is how we roll.
Are your anilox rolls Flexo Wash clean?