December 3, 2012
Flexo Markt News
Flint Group Awarded
By Chinese Flexo Association
Flint Group Flexographic Products was awarded
the “Outstanding Contributor to the Chinese Flexo-
graphic Industry” at the 6th annual conference of the
China Flexographic Technology Association (CFTA)
held in Nanyang City, Province Henan.
This year’s conference theme was “Green Printing
and Innovation belong together.” Forest Qin, Sales &
Marketing Manager of Flint Group Flexographic Prod-
ucts in China, gave a lecture called “How to properly
use flexo plates.” Main topics of the presentation
were product quality, customer service and support
as well as innovation and sustainability. Particular
focus was given to the new photopolymer printing
plate nyloflex
ACE NEW and the nyloflex
Xeikon Partners
With Canflexographics
Canflexographics Ltd. will now be a representative
of the Xeikon label and document printing digital
presses as well as the entire line of ThermoFlexX
digital imagers for flexo and letterpress plates in
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PIA Plans Continuous
Improvement Conference
Printing Industries of America has announced the
agenda and speakers for the upcoming Continuous Im-
provement Conference,April 7–10, 2013, in Indianapo-
lis, Indiana. Now in its 24th year, the Continuous
Improvement Conference focuses on helping compa-
nies use Lean manufacturing and other approaches to
reduce operational costs, speed throughput, and im-
prove their customers’ experience and satisfaction.
This year’s sessions feature presenters from compa-
nies like Mimeo.com, Label World, and Pollard Ban-
knote. Attendees will also be able able to participate
in roundtable networking sessions, and plant tours of
Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and
HardingPoorman Group.
Keynote speakers will include:
Dr.Alan Robinson, authority on innovation and au-
thor of Corporate Creativity and Ideas Are Free, pre-
senting Captur ing Workforce Knowledge and
Mike Wroblewski, Lean Sensei and director of
Kaizen Institute USA presenting A Day in the Life of a
Lean Supervisor.
Jim Lancaster, CEO of Lantech, presenting Lean Man-
agement: Staying on Course with Improvement Goals.