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System Audit Follow-up
Steam System Audits almost always uncover more than a dozen items that need to repaired or addressed. These items generally
represent waste – energy, water, product, etc. Tackling them quickly and efficiently immediately halts the waste while improving
product quality and operational efficiency. However, most customers do not have the resources to quickly tackle the work in-house.
This results in ongoing waste and a very long return on the audit investment. We want to help our customers run efficient and safe
operations that reach their profitability targets.
steam system audit follow-up
SWAT” (Steam Waste Attack Team)
service provides a convenient way to tackle
items that need to be corrected or addressed. Just as we’ve done with our steam system audits in our SST group, our SWAT service
is set up with fixed pricing for easy budgeting.
Our team reviews the list of items that need to be addressed and chooses
which improvements will provide the biggest
bang for the buck” if addressed quickly
SWAT personnel travel to your plant on the day before a steam system shutdown to witness the corrugator and steam
system in operation to verify the scope of work and plan their corrective actions
Your plant will end up with an improved system without having to tap into your own Maintenance time and
The baseline of operations will be raised and a new set of goals can be established.
Donahue Steam Systems strives to be your primary resource for steam related products and services. Our goal is to be a partner to
help your operations reach their fullest potential. Contact us for additional information and to set up an audit and SWAT visit.
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